F is for Finn Slough

A crisp winter morning dawns at Finn Slough, one of Richmond’s most picturesque and unconventional neighbourhoods. While the water looks calm, the settlement’s history is anything but. Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society Archives, G2009.031.018.

M is for Mail Order Brides

The Murakami family house, as it stands on display today at the Britannia Heritage Shipyard, Steveston. Its original inhabitants were brought together through an unconventional form of matchmaking.

S is for Steveston

Steveston’s Methodist church, seen here in 1908, is located at the corner of Second Avenue and Chatham Street. Today it has been converted into the Richmond Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop and is a familiar sight to those who wait at the bus stop outside its doors. City of Vancouver Archives, Out.P.690, N.297.