O is for Overfishing

Fishways located at Hell’s Gate, BC ca. 1950s, helped to direct salmon back to their spawning grounds after a man-made disaster blocked their path. Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society Archives, 1997.

Q is for Quota

There are plenty of fish in the sea! Or are there? It looks like those fish are actually awaiting processing at the Sunnyside Cannery, BC ca. 1903-1930. Salmon, contrary to previous belief, are an exhaustible resource. Find out what is being done differently today to protect the salmon and their marine habitat. Gulf of Georgia […]

X is for X-Factor

An average workday for the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society staff – just kidding! Staff members show off their best fish faces in support of the David Suzuki Foundation’s Be Happy campaign to promote ocean-friendly seafood.